Democrates want to ignore their problem with violence

The Anger of the violent left has reared its head in the most despicable way.  And the left refuses to take any blame for it.  And one thing should help expose how the left really feels about this event.  There have been several calls for the violent rhetoric’s to be toned done, and several members of congress have expressed their sympathies, but only one prominent member of the democrats has condemned this action, Bernie Sanders.  Always give credit where it is due.

And naturally, since this was a public shooting, the anti -gun rolled out their normal group of lying liars who lie to spew their talking points.  The fist to the Scene was David Frum, one of the token conservatives the left keeps around for just such occasions.  He also happens to be a senior editor at The Atlantic and a contributor for CNN.  On 14 JUN 17, he tweeted out the unresearched list of lies below and as of 19 JUN 17 at 10:50AM, it was still up on his page.

Frums Lies

Most of us are still wondering how you conceal carry a long gun and who does it on a regular basis for personal protection.  But Virginia Like, like all other states has background checks for all FFL purchased firearms.  Virginia, like almost all states, does not require anyone to register their rifles or hand guns after purchase.  And as we found out later, Virginia’s gun laws were not germane to this situation.  Cue Sherriff Buford T. Justice!

Roll call later reported that the shooter bout his firearm legally.  Bridget Bowman cite a joint law enforcement statement indicating that the “ATF has conducted traces on these weapons and has determined that both were purchased by the shooter from federal firearms licensees” (Bowman. 2017).

Next up was Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who always sees an opportunity to move himself higher up the democrat’s ladder of relevance.  I know what he meant to say and even that is false.  He meant to push the discredited talking point about 93 “gun violence” related deaths every day.  Instead he let us know that “we lose 93 million American every day to gun violence” (McAuliffe, 2017).  I’m not sure how I’m even writing this because as one commenter stated, “we should all be dead by lunch time Saturday” (I wish I could find the post to give him credit).   He then went on to mention his usual complaints about “Background checks and gun show loop holes” without knowing anything about the shooter or the situation.

Finally, Author Peter Dreier of The American Prospect flat out lied to push his narrative.  Again, blaming the NRA for the actions of a crazed liberal who wasn’t an NRA member and who passed all background checks.  When the article was first published on 16 June 2017, the open line was “soon after (shooter’s name) brought an AR-15 rifle…” (Dreier. 2017).  From the start there was confusion about the type of firearms use.  On reported he had an AK-47 and one witness believed he had brought a shot gun.  None of the witnesses believed he was carrying an AR-15.  But Mr. Dreier and the American Prospect ran with the lie because they needed to push their NRA narrative about the ease with which people can get firearms.  I don’t take it upon myself to check on articles daily, but they issued a correction and it now states “soon after (shooter’s name) brought a 7.62-caliber rifle…” (Dreier. 2017).  The correction at the end of the article notes that the rifle was incorrectly identified as an AR-15 in an earlier version of the article.  I wonder what prompted the change since it was up for several days after multiple news sources, including ABC, FOX and Townhall all reported that he had used and SKS.

SKS vs AR15

Needless to say, the left has done everything in its power to make this an argument about guns and not about the violent rhetoric of its follower and even some of its leaders.  But again, they have no solution.  There is no law they are pursuing that would have prevented this shooting.  The SKS has a fixed stock, a fixed magazine and no pistol grip.  It would easily fall outside of the cosmetically based Assault rifle bans the love to propose.    And since he passed a background check, the cries about universal background checks and the mythical gun show loophole are pointless.  The left has no argument for gun control that is based on facts or reality.


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