More Ghost Guns.  And not the .30 Caliber clip kind

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting on the companies that are springing up in Florida that sell kits for making “Ghost Guns” and selling them to those wishing to avoid background checks. Most states have laws that allow for private gun manufacturing for private use on private property. But on top of that, they act like this is a completely new development. 

Homemade guns have become a staple in Australia and England where homemade shotguns made from $20 worth of wood and pipe are getting full price at city sponsored firearm buybacks. If you hop on over to my gun meme collection, you’ll see several examples of home made firearms made with the bare minimum of tools. Australia uncovered a gentleman making fully automatic MAC-10 knock offs and selling to criminals. Somehow, no one in the media is interested in this. But bring along an opportunity for someone to make their own AR-15 without a serial number and it’s time for reporters to clutch their pearls. All because of the ongoing push to scare everyone into thinking that the AR-15 will destroy us all. It should be noted that when the article talks about homemade guns found in crimes, it is still vague. “But some law enforcement agencies say more homemade guns being found at crime scenes, especially in California” (AP. 2016). If it was really homemade AR-15s, we’d be hearing about it constantly. 
Right now you all know I’m doing my own build. My total cost to assemble my own AR is going to be roughly $1946. Not really the price you pay when someone can give you something easier to hide for about $250. So let’s assume you do get your 80% lower. You still need roughly $600 worth of parts to complete your AR-15. You also need to find someone skilled enough to do the milling of your weapon. Don’t forget your lower milling jig that will run you and extra $75.

Now I won’t get too deep into the cost of the milling equipment and drill bits needed because to make the other types of homemade firearms you also need presses and stamping equipment. Both require a significant investment if this is the only use you would have for this equipment. The MAC-10 will still operate under less stringent tolerances so you do not need to be as exact with the parts like you would with an AR-15.

The biggest wrench thrown into this whole system is Defense Distributions and Cody Wilson. The Ghost Gunner is a programmable CNC system that can complete an 80% lower in about 3 hours. All you need is the correct program and the computer will handle the rest with expert precision for about $250. Now anyone can complete a professional build. But that still does not get around the cost of all of the additional parts to complete the AR. 

The uninformed liberal press would have you believe that these ghost guns are running rampant across the country and flooding the criminal black market with unregistered firearms. But this is not the case. The homemade gun is more likely to be a pistol caliber gun made from purchased wood, tubes, and springs than from an 80% lower someone has finished due to the cost, work and skill required, they do not have the ability to meet the need of the criminal element, especially when slightly used AKs could easily flood the market through Mexico.  

 – Fletch


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