Trump (and the 2nd Amendment) Won

I’m on a flight to Hawaii. Kenny Loggins is playing on my headphones, and we’re over the Pacific so there is no wifi. So it is time to blog. I’m never the biggest fan of blogging on my tablet, the keyboard just isn’t always natural. But maybe I can do it this time.

My loving wife, who is the reason I am on my way to Hawaii (she deserves it after following me from TN to VA to KS to Korea and now AK) had begrudgingly agreed to allow me to by 2 new ARs in the event Hillary won. This is in addition to my current build. I’ve never been so happy to not buy a gun. But on the plus side, my Sharps Bros. MeanStreak lower receiver came in the day after the election.
So the USA went crazy. We elected a egotistical populist instead of a corrupt criminal and the left lost its mind. Riots protesting the outcome of a fair election broke out in liberal havens like Chicago, Portland, New York, San Francisco and Seattle. And people are demanding counseling because they are too damaged to go to class.  

I voted for Trump. I have friends who declared Trump voters monsters and are coming up with ways to teach their kids that we need to love everyone, even monsters. People I have known for years have suddenly decided that I am a bigot. One of my wife’s friends declared that professionally she will not see Trump supporters in her practice. Remember, these are the same people who demand that christians violate their faith to bake wedding cakes, but can’t have a discussion with someone with a differing opinion because it hurts their feelings.  

So why did I cast my vote for him? Should I destroy friendships to have an honest discussion about policy and issues? Would they even listen? So many of these people live in echo chambers that they cannot fathom anyone voting for Trump. They know so few people on the other side of the aisle, get all their news from Vox and HuffPo, and put their head in the sand when Wikileaks started producing all of the hacked emails. They don’t see that people could care less about the fake climate change arguments, or opening bathrooms to whoever want to use them because they can’t even put food on the table. They never expose themselves to the other side and so they could not prepare themselves for Trump winning in an electoral landslide. They did not care that they alienated half of the country by constantly screaming racism or sexism or what-ever-elsism. And now their only course is to scream it even loader. And of course, the usual demands of safe spaces.  

So I’d like to brag that the 2nd Amendment is safe. Trump has put forth a list of judges that many believe to be constitutionalists. And with one seat empty and Ruth Bader Ginsburg promising to leave if Trump were elected, the Supreme Court will be in place to protect the Constitution for many years.  

But the 2nd Amendment was not the reason I voted for Trump. I do not advocate for single issue voting. My reasons were: protect the Constitution, reduce the debt and deficit, repeal the affordable care act, reduce government intrusion, build an enduring Constitutionally conservative Supreme Court, and to prevent Hillary from getting back to the White House. There are some unfortunate things about Trump I have had to accept. He supports barring those on the terror watch list from buying firearms. I’ve been over that before so I won’t dig into it. He is a populist so there is no guarantee that his positions on many issues will remain the same. And I’ll be in a position of explaining myself to people for years who know nothing about his policies beyond “grab her by the pussy”. 

Liberals have lost sight of the battle. They think the presidency means everything. The forget that republicans control 2/3rds of the state legislatures and as many governorships. The map is turning red because we saw what a democrat controlled federal government was capable of from 2009-2010.  

I also find it funny that these kids in the street think they are going to start a revolution when we have all the guns. Remember, if you give up your arms, there is no defense against tyranny. I wonder, since liberals believe Donald Trump is going to be a radical fascist tyrant, will they suddenly become supporters of the 2nd Amendment?


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