The Plan

So I mentioned that I had decided to do a custom build.  I was debating what caliber  go with.  I have ruled out the .300 AAC because it just does not have the range to be an accurate round out to the distance that I want to shoot.  So that basically left me with two rounds.

Why don’t I explore an AR in a .308 or a 7.62×39 hybrid?  Basically, I really want to build my rifle off on a Sharps Brothers Hellbreaker lower receiver.  This has basically limited me to  the 5.56/223, the .300 AAC (which we already ruled out) and the 6.5 Grendel. 

But my decision making process took another curve when I started looking for 6.5 Grendel ammunition.  If everything went south, and I had to grab my bug out bag, my S&W M&P-15 would be my go-to weapon.  Therefore, my ammo requirement will always be 5.56 due to its widespread availability.  So the cost of buying vast amounts of this ammo is not the concern.  The problem was that I could not find that ammo I was looking for.  Eventually I found some at Alaska Ammo.  Nice little store that has everything you would want ammunition wise to have a good weekend.  They even sold a few rifles as well. 

SO they had my 6.5 Grendel, I bought a box, and I have decided that this is the round I’m going with.  Now I just need to track down everything. else.  If you’re interested, all of my specialty items I want to get are linked below.  At the rate I want to purchase the items, I think I should have my next rifle assembled in about 7 months.

My Barrel – My Lower – My Upper My Rail – My BCG – My Stock – My Trigger – My Grip – My Brake  – All Other Parts are generic MilSpec. Optics will come later 


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