Best Salesman Ever

So I spent two years living in Korea.  It was amazing, but there were no gun ranges, and no gun stores.  Ok, there were a few, but the gun would have been suspended in between two bungee cords and basically, all you do is move yourself in position behind the gun and then squeeze the trigger.  Kind of like holding a toothbrush in place a moving your mouth around the brush.

So needless to say, I made the most of my time when I arrived in Alaska.  I got a stronger lever action because I wanted something stronger than a .357 for my bear gun, and because I’ve always wanted a Henry Rifle.  I got my wife a new pistol for her to conceal and carry and for her home defense because I wanted her to haves something she could manage better.  The Snub nose .38 Special just wasn’t working for her.  And I finally bought my own Beretta M9.  You can tell me all day about how you think it is a bad choice, but I’ve taken it to war twice, luckily never had to fire it, and I shoot very well with one.  I maintain that with good magazines (not the cheap ones the Army bought in bulk), effective maintenance and care, and not treating it like a tool that only comes in and out of the arms room when necessary, the M9 is a very good pistol.

Then came the tragedy in Orlando, and again, I was lectured on how horrible guns were.  Never mind the individual was inspired by a hateful organization and their propaganda, we were going to talk about guns.  And as I talked about in my last post, the calls came to ban the AR-15.  So like a dutiful believer in gun rights, the right to sel- defense, and the right to oppression against tyranny, I made my way to Bass Pro and found a stripped down AR-15.  And I can say AR-15 because it was actually a model made by ArmaLite.


What was amazing was the way that the gun control crowd has shifted their method of restricting access to firearms.  The new push is called “No Fly, No Buy” (Joseph, 2016).  On paper, it makes sense, but only on paper without other scrutiny.  The Idea is that if you are on the federal no fly list or the terrorism watch list then you are too dangerous to own a firearm.  But like always, the logic ends there.  Like always, the process for how one gets added to the list, and who has the authority to add some on to this list cannot be explained by anyone who is pushing this bill.  When it failed, SEN. Charles Schumer (D-NY) cried out that “Republican colleagues voted to allow suspected terrorists to buy guns” (Pegram, Emanuel. 2016).  Even here he cannot hide the problems with his argument.  He said ”suspected” and not convicted.  Unfortunately for SEN Schumer, we have this concept of Innocent until proven guilty.  And you would need to be guilty for your rights to be taken away.

Democrats cannot hide their disdain for the Bill of Rights.  You see, there is these other articles that prevent the government from searching and seizing your property, and prevents the government form denying your rights without giving you due process.  This is no longer just a 2nd Amendment battle.  We have now entered the battle for the 4th and 5th Amendments as well.

But what is amazing is that a compromise to the “No Fly No Buy” was introduced by Republicans, and also supported by the NRA.  But you’d never know it because it seems rather than get what they want and afford Americans their right to Due process, SEN Schumer and SEN Warren would rather have a talking point. Unlike the Democrat version that would have flatly denied the right without Due Process, the Republican version would have allowed the Department of Justice to deny a sale for up to 72 hours while they presented their findings to a federal court to deny a sale.   Sounds like due process is afforded and those deemed too dangerous are denied from owning a firearm.  Two democrats voted for it, including our old friend SDN Joe Manchin (D-WV).  Noted anti-gun rights Senators Diane Feinstein (D-CA), Patty Murray (D-WA) and Claire McCaskill (D-MO) all voted against it and it failed to pass cloture.  SEN Manchin would go on to complain that the right to “due process is killing us” (Hawkins. 2016).  So sad that a representative has such a poor attitude of the rights afforded to citizens.

SEN Cuck Grassey (R-IA) introduced S.Amdt. 4751 to S.Amdt. 4750 to H.R. 2578 which would appropriate more funding for agents to conduct NICS background checks and require states to provide more information to the NICS system.  This would hopefully provide the NICS system with more assets and information to prevents criminals and other prohibitive personnel from slipping through the cracks when they attempt to buy a gun through an FFL.  One Lone Democrat voted for it.

In the end, all four bills failed and democrats immediately went on the offensive because the narrative is more important than reality.  But all the y accomplished was putting on display their disdain for or lack of understanding of the Constitution.

The same thing happened in 2013 after various gun control measures failed in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre.  Back then, author Ryan Lizza complained about the composition of the senate and the “Tyranny of Small States” (Lizza. 2013).  There is a reason the House is structured the way it is and the Senate in its own method.   I wonder how he would feel if sanators were still appointed by State Legislatures rather than through popular election.  Let’s assume that the 31 state legislatures controlled by Republicans each appointed two Republican Senators.  There are 8 states with a split legislature so let’s assume they each give one republican.  I can’t say for certain so I’ll just assume that one of the two senators from Nebraska would be a Republican.  Suddenly, the Senate tilts 79 for Republicans and 29 for Democrats.  Ouch!

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