Here we go Again, And Again

DCIM100GOPROSo, I have returned because evil never dies and just like clockwork, the uninformed gun grabbers are taking the wrong lessons from a tragedy. 

Our newest shooter had everything going for him.  Access to federal buildings, a statewide firearms License, no criminal record, and peers and law enforcement to cowed by political correctness to step in.  But within hours of the tragedy, A Florida Congresswoman was already preaching about the evils of gun shows, the AR-15 and all the usual ramblings. Obama’s statement was more about guns that the victims. 

Then came the predictable media outcry of falsehoods and emotional calls to ban the one of the most popular firearms every made.  The true nature of the gun grabber, to call for measure that would have had no impact on the tragedy, was on full display. 

·    Ban the AR-15 even though the Shooter used a different type of rifle

·    Close the gun show loophole even though the criminal passed a background check at a retail store

·    People on the terror watch list shouldn’t be able to buy guns even though he came off the list 2 years ago

·    Ban Automatic weapons even though the rifle was a semi-automatic

The biggest issue that democrats must realize is that one of their favorite pet groups of the oppressed was brutally terrorized by another.  And rather than face to face with the fact that Islam is not and does not want to be compatible with or accepting of homosexuality, they chose to blame guns.

By now, everyone has ready about Gersh Kuntzman and his PTSD from going to the rifle range.  Everything you need to know about this article is summed up in its first two words, “It felt” (Kuntzman, 2016).  There are so many things wrong with the article.  First, the New York Daily News cataloged the article under “crime” instead of opinion.  Then his string of observances came out:

·    “The resulting explosion of firepower is humbling and deafening” (Kuntzman, 2016). 

·    “The recoil bruised my shoulder” (Kuntzman, 2016). 

·    “The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face”

·    “The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick” (Kuntzman, 2016). 

·    “The explosions — loud like a bomb — gave me a temporary form of PTSD” (Kuntzman, 2016). 

Not one of these observations is a fact.  They are all one person’s impressions of a situation they do not understand.  He notes that “even in semi-automatic mode” to characterize the rate of fire (Kuntzman, 2016).  This is disingenuous because it gives the impression that this weapon has an automatic mode.  I have no clue how an AR-15 firing a .223 round gave him a bruise.  I’ve you’ve ever been near a bomb, without ear protection, then you know it sounds nothing like a .223 from behind full earmuff sound protection. 

Then came Helen Ubiñas and her quest to show how easily it is to by an AR-15. She was utterly disgusted that someone who is a legal US Citizen, is not a fugitive from justice, not a felon, not convicted of domestic assault, can exercise their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  She called it obscene and horrifying that an instant background check was, instant.  And that you could walk out the door with an AR-15 in “seven minutes” (Ubiñas. 2016). Again, this article is listed as news, but her impressions of the NICS process was only her opinion.  She then talks about her squeamish feelings and uncertainty on what to down with it before she drives to a Philadelphia police station to give it up, expecting the police to just be ready to receive a gun at a moment’s notice.  This is also a lie since she obviously had time to go to the photography studio and pose for a picture with her “newly purchased AR-15 semiautomatic rifle” (Ubiñas. 2016).  But it must be nice to have an extra $759.99 laying around to purchase a rifle on a whim so you can write an article on the background check process.  I’d hate to think that she was fronted the money by The Inquirer to buy it on their behalf.  Because, you know, straw purchasing is illegal.  I’ll give her credit, at lease she posed for her picture with her new weapon without her finger on the trigger.

This article has since been updated.  In the wake of the Orlando shooting, all the focus fell on the AR-15.  All the articles I’m going to talk about today talk about the AR-15.  The only problem was the shooter did not use an AR-15.  What is a “respected” newspaper to do to keep the narrative alive?  Well obviously come up with a incorrect corrections that makes no sense.  Per the update, it was “AR-15 type semiautomatic rifle, but not an AR-15” (Ubiñas. 2016).  I’m not sure what I just read except I think they are trying to say that it wasn’t the rifle we wanted to be, but close enough.


That is just the Start.  Feminist blowhard Amanda Marcotte says that “the AR-15 must go” before going on a rant about another individual’s praise of the weapon, without then going back to support her premise of why the gun must be banned (Marcotte. 2016).  This was after her first article where she tried to link Christians to Muslims as both responsible for bigotry that caused the shooting.  But for once, she did not blame the patriarchy.  Ed Leefeldt at CBS News has renewed the debate about being able to sue gun manufacturer. And finally, Richard Cohen uses his status as a veteran and the public’s lack of ability to understand the differences between an AR-15 and an M16 to rail against civilian ownership.  He says that the civilian model is now an “even more lethal version of that weapon” than the fully automatic or burst fire version he qualified on in the Army (Cohen. 2016).

Every one of these pieces is the same really.  All are short on facts.  All play on public misperceptions. And each one pushed an emotional rather than a logic based argument.  It is why gun owners will always come out on top in these discussions.  We understand guns, how guns function, gun safety, and most importantly gun laws. 

So when Seth McFarlane tweets “Ban automatic weapons,” I say sure because they are already so highly restricted.  When Susan Sarandon blames the NRA, I laugh because once again, the shooter was not an NRA member.  And when they say weapons of war don’t belong in our streets, I ask them to define a weapon of war because the AR-15 does not fall into any of the descriptions they use.  In fact, I’m still waiting for them to identify one Army that uses an AR-15 as its standard infantry weapon. 



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Updated 05 November 2016 for grammar, structure, and to better cite material in the post.



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