End of 2015

It has been a long year for those of us that seek to defend our 2nd Amendment rights.

The most horrific events of the year happened in San Bernardino (Nagourney, Lovett, Pérez-Peña. 2015), twice in Paris (Urquhart. 2015) (Reuters, 2015), Charleston, and Umpqua Community College (Ford, Payne. 2015).  What is tragic is that this is a mere sliver of violence around the world and does not paint a true picture of the issues here in the United States.

Nothing should ever detract from the horror of these events.  They were executed by people who felt that their actions would future their cause. However, within hours, (or in the case of Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley, minutes) many who would seek to deny 2nd Amendment Rights were already taking to the internet and airwaves to push an agenda (Cantell, 2015) (Taylor 2015).

I will remember 2015 as they year Star Wars returned to the big screen, but it is the year the NRA and its members were blamed for the actions of people who were neither members or supporters. Why?  Because they are an easy target?  Somehow they spend fractions of the money Moms Demand action and Michal Bloomberg (yes, I know, one and the same) spend, yet they keep winning everywhere but the bluest of states.  In 2015, new gun laws were passed in Washington, California, and Virginia.  Rights previous allowed in DC were taken away on a technicality (the judge that struck down the DC policy did not have jurisdiction).

The result has been three attempts to deny second amendment rights.  The first was in July when the Obama administration pursued a failed publicity campaign that clearly illustrates the steps gun grabbers would take to deny the rights of its citizens.  President Obama sought to add those “who cannot own guns based on financial competence” to the NCIS rolls as those who could not own firearms (FoxNews. 2015).  What is interesting is that not one of the mass shootings in the US was committed by anyone who would fall into this category.  It sought to use the VA standard of those requiring a financial representative payee as also incompetent to own firearms.  This makes automatic assumption that those who cannot pay a bill are therefore a danger to themselves or others. This is a vague standard of denying one’s rights.

The second failed push was the democrat sponsored bill to deny the sale of firearms to those on the ‘no fly list.’  As the Washington Post, Time, ABC News, and even the ACLU concluded, this was a poor way to screen for gun violence.  This push came in the wake of the San Bernardino shooting.  However, those killers were not on the no fly list. Neither was the killers of every other mass shooting in recent memory (Jacoby. 2015).  As many other organizations point out, the criteria for adding someone to this list are not clearly defined, nor is the process for removing a name from this list.  So much so that former Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) was on the list and required three weeks to be removed room it.  The Washington Free Beacon reported that 72 DHS employees were on the terror watch list.

Throughout the proceedings, the media, and bill sponsors routinely made references to both the terror watch list and the no-fly list as though they were the same thing.  But regardless, there is no due process for adding someone to this list.  Therefore, rights are abridged by fiat because a bureaucrat made a decision.  There is also no notification that someone’s name has been added to the list. What is scary is that rights that gun grabbers do not agree with could be abridged so easily under this law.

Finally, on 16 December 2015, Davie Cicilline (D-RI) reintroduced the assault weapons ban.   This new bill would ban the manufacture of “Assault Weapons,” grandfather in the possession of all currently owned weapons but prevent their transfer after the passage of this bill.  This has little chance of passing and will only serve as campaign fodder about how those mean Republicans who are only in the NRA’s pocket are preventing common sense gun reform.

Gun grabbers will go to any lengths to deny the rights of Americans to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. It is telling that they would seek to remove due process as well to attain this goal.  Meanwhile, they have yet to show how their “common sense” reforms would have prevented any of the events that have occurred over the past year.



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Updated on 05 November 2016 for Grammar

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