Poor Comparisons

Sally Kohn has this great idea that since we regulate toys and kids’ furniture when children die, that we should be able to use the same logic to outlaw guns.  As she points out, “between 2000 and 2010, there were 32 infant deaths due to so-called “drop side” cribs. And so in 2011, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission banned drop side cribs altogether” (Kohn, 2015).  She then goes on a rant about how many children are killed by guns each year and yet we fail to “pass even the most measly common sense safety laws” (Kohn, 2015).

What Sally fails to mention is that drop side cribs were designed to safely hold babies while they sleep.  She makes the same analogy about Toyota accelerators and Firestone tires.  All of these products were designed to perform a specific function and failed, which led to an accidental death.  This is a false comparison and she knows it.

She even tries to cover by drawing a roundabout argument that “For sure, there’s no Second Amendment right to Easy-Bake Ovens” (Kohn. 2015).  This of course brings out all the counter arguments that there is no right to toys but I have a right to my gun comments on the article.  The items she uses as a reference are because they failed to perform their intended purpose resulting in death or serious injury.  If the safety on my pistol failed because of a poor design, then it would be a similar comparison.  If the slide of my pistol broke because of poor gunsmithing and material, that would be a similar comparison.  But that would not further her agenda.

The phrase “we have to hand out guns like candy” is also interesting in how anti gunners view America’s “Gun Culture.”  She lumps all gun sellers, legal FFLs, and illegal street dealers into the same category.  She lumps all gun buyers, legal and illegal into the same group.  There is a clear distinction between legal gun owners and criminals, and how each procure firearms.  But like President Obama and his easier to get a gun than vegetables claim, it’s all a pure farce from those who have no idea about what legal gun owners go through to make a purchase.

Finally, she makes the dubious claim that “simple measures like requiring universal background checks and restricting semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines are supported not only by a majority of Americans but a majority of gun owners” (Kohn, 2015).  I have yet to see any reference that supports this claim but it seems that each time I see in in a gun control rant, it includes something else. It started with just “Gun Owners support Universal background checks.”  Now it is “Gun owners support bans on Semi-Automatic Weapons?”  Tell me Sally, what is a semi-automatic weapon?   And what restrictions do the majority of gun-owners support on them?

 – Fletch


Kohn, Sally (2015) We regulate toys, so why not guns? Atlanta, Georgia. cnn.com. Cable News Network, Inc. Retrieved from: http://edition.cnn.com/2015/10/29/opinions/kohn-gun-safety/index.html 

Updated 05 November 2016 for Grammar


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