Next Gun

In 101 days, I will leave Korea and return to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  Kind of. Before I move on to my next duty station in Alaska, I’m stopping in Washington, home of Universal Background checks and taxes that drive gun shops out of the city limits.  But anyway, it’s not like I could buy a gun in that state if I wanted too.  Here is my dilemma – I’ll be a resident of WA for tax purposes, with nothing that proves that other than my LES from the Army.  My driver’s license is from Tennessee, and My orders will say I am assigned to Alaska.  Needless to say, no new gun until I get to Alaska.

That said, There will also not be a new gun until I get a locker and a night stand lock box.   Last time we had guns in the house, my son was 9 months old.  Now he is two and a half, you get the idea.

So now the questions is what to acquire.  I’m looking at going two routes.  I love my Beretta Px4 Storm, so naturally I’m intrigued by a Cx4 Carbine.  It shoots pistol ammo so it would not have the same power as most MSRs, but I like the idea of having something my wife can use in the event she needed a rifle.  right now the only semi-auto rifle we own in my S&W15 and I’d like to change that.

The next firearm I am looking at is actually two.  I’m not about to start cowboy shooting, but I would love to have a revolver and lever gun in a .45 Colt.  Personally, I’d prefer a Colt SAA, but that is a little outside of what I’m willing to acquire.  The Ruger Vaquero is right up my alley.  For the Lever Gun, I’ve always been nostalgic for a Henry Rifle.

The final option is one that may come in handy in Alaska.  A friend of mine who was stationed there have told me to get a bear defense gun.  In that case, maybe I need something like the above listed combo in a .44 Magnum.  As much as I love the idea of a classic .45 Colt revolver, the round just doesn’t have the same stopping power.  Also, it is not available in a Vaquero.  Maybe the solution is another Lever Carbine in something like a .45-70.  Who knows.  The right solution is probably to ask the locals when I get there.


UPDATE:  After arriving in Alaska, and moving into my residence, I decided on a Henry Big Boy Carbine in 44. Magnum.

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