Politicizing Tragedy

So a new shooting and a new call for more regulations, it’s getting old.

Only this time the president didn’t bother to wait the customary few days before making a push for more gun control.  He said it right away in his speech.  I wish I still had the article but if you watch his press conference, he is very plain and unassuming when he talks about the Oregon shooting.  He only gets emotional when he switched to gun control and politics.  It’s very telling about his personality.

I wonder where we are going to go next. Oregon only recently passed Universal Background checks.  But then again, just like so many other tragedies, the shooter passed a background check.  Even so, it is unlikely that all of those guns (12) were purchased since that legislation was passed.  I usually argue that the next step on the united control agenda is registration. But that also would not have made a difference.

There is this strange belief among some politicians that we can legislate the evil out of existence. But all we end up doing is trying to take away the tools.  In doing so, we also remove the few tools available for people to defend themselves from evil.

One other thing telling about the president and what he believes the solution to be, is what he references as examples to follow; Australia and Great Britain. Both the countries resorted to confiscation.  Australia at least offered to buy the guns from the owners. But as I’ve outlined previously, it did nothing to diminish violent crime. It just made criminals seek out other weapons while the general public was defenseless.

If you really want to see how well Australia’s “gun ban” is doing, check out the Yahoo video in the link below.

Gun control advocates know there agenda has no chance of passing.  And now it is beginning to show.  Both Obama and Hillary are now lying through their teeth.  Obama has stated that the majority of gun owners favor his reform.  I don’t have my own survey to back it up, but That’s probably the same majority that he claims wanted his health insurance reforms.  Hillary is just as bad, claiming that most Americans support her gun control platform.

My bet is that the next push will not be for more for Universal Background checks or even registration.  I’m betting the push will be to hold gun manufacturers and store liable.

Meanwhile, you won’t hear much that the gunman singled out Christians.

You also won’t here the truth about Umpqua Community College’s gun policy.  Oregon law allows some concealed carry on campus.  Naturally, the gun control crowd will jump on this as an example that this doesn’t stop crime.  But the will misleadingly leave out the part that allows schools to set their own regulations that can supersede state law.  Umpqua Community College had just such a regulation.  How many gun free zones must become shooting galleries before they realize that signs don’t stop criminals?



I really didn’t use anything worth citing in today’s post, but some information on the topics discussed is listed below.







Updated 30 October 2016 for grammar and added image.

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