No Details, but it Helps the Numbers.

So I’d like to visit this incident in Everett, Washington because it was not to0 far from where I grew up.

This is the second shooting that has occurred near an area that I frequented as a teenager. The first was the shooting last year at Marysville-Pilchuck High School. This one was at Discovery Elementary School, near Mariner High School.  I competed in competitions for wresting, cross country, and track at both locations.


My reaction was actually sort of apathetic. As soon as I heard about it, my first thought was, bet it was near Mariner High School.  As you can see from the map, I was not that far off. This used to be such a nice neighborhood, and when it was built, Mariner was one of the three most modern high schools in the country. But the area has fallen on hard times, and now is overrun with gang violence.


This event was a perfect example. We will probably chalk this one up as being due to the easy access of guns. Is anyone going to talk about the morality of a 20 year old who thinks that murder is justified because the other person’s shorts were the wrong color?

But this is Washington. Remember, it is illegal to sell guns to someone without a background check. So how did the 20 year old, who shot the 17 and 14 year olds, get his handgun? Why was he carrying it on his person? In Washington, there is no open carry, and you cannot get a CCW if you are under 21. You cannot even buy a pistol in Washington State if you are under 21. So how did he pass the mandatory background check that was going to prevent tragedies like this? This only proves that criminals don’t care about laws. Oh, and it was in the parking lot of an elementary school, a Gun Free Zone.

I suspect that due to the location of the shooting, Moms Demand Action and Everytown will soon add this to their list of school shootings.  It will not matter that neither of the victims, nor the shooter were students there. It also won’t matter that it was after school hours. This will soon be a number to inflate the gun grabber’s statistics. But what you won’t hear are the circumstances of the shooting because that would not support their claims of rampant school shootings.

Most likely, the same group that passed I-594 will now claim that the laws are ineffective (which they are) because they can’t track the sales of all firearms unless they know where all the firearms are. The next step, will be registration. And as poorly as they wrote the first resolution, this one would not be any better.



Updated 30 October 2016 for grammar.

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