What is the real problem?

Mayor Rawlings-Blake of Baltimore has her work cut out for her.  She must find a way to convince everyone that the violence in the city (which hit 211 murders for the year yesterday) is the fault of some outside force and not her failed leadership.  Or the failure of the gun control laws already on the books thanks to former governor and now long shot democrat presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley.  She cannot figure out that encouraging violence, blaming police, and simply removing tools will not solve the issue.  As she notes, “We’ve taken more illegal guns off the street this year than last year. With all of that activity, yet we’re still here with that surge in violence” (Page. 2015).  Maybe because it’s not the guns that make people violent.

So naturally, let’s blame guns.  And it’s the fault of other states who do not have draconian laws like Maryland that Baltimore murder rates are climbing. But this line of attack is just a smoke screen.  It requires you to believe that guns cause violence.  In reality, some people are evil and immoral and will use the tools available to achieve their goals.  It ignores the fact that many inner-city youths do not value an education, responsibilities, ethics, or other people.

What makes people believe that the best way to solve a dispute or get back at someone who has insulted you is to end their life?  Hell, even classic dueling had rules and a code of honor.  But we don’t have that anymore. We took responsibility of parents away and replaced it with government handouts.  Parents needs to take responsibility for their children.  And many do, but the child still goes astray.  But tighter gun laws won’t change that.  It won’t change the mindset of someone whose solution to being rejected for a date to the dance is to kill the girl and two of her friends.

The point is, evil exists.  Banning the tools, they might use does not make it go away.  If Mr. Roof had burned that church down with everyone in it, would it have somehow been more noble than simply opening fire like he did?  You can either confront evil or try and protect people from it, but to deny it exists is just lunacy.  A to think you can somehow legislate it out of existence is a fool’s errand.



Page, Susan (2015) Baltimore mayor on guns, gangs and homicides. USA Today.  Retrieved from: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2015/08/27/stephanie-rawlings-blake-baltimore-mayor-capital-download/32461517/

Updated 29 August 2016 for reference.

Updated 30 October 2016 for grammar.

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